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Worked in corporate for 10 years.

IIM Indore.

You can make anything by writing.” — C.S. Lewis

Ranjana Joshi

Born amidst the picturesque Himalayan mountains in India, Ranjana has been influenced by the rural and urban life in the region and so have her stories. ​She holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Management of Business Administration from IIM Indore, one of the prestigious institutions in India. After working in the corporate sector as a finance, strategy and planning professional for a decade, she finally decided to pursue her dream of being an author.

She was awarded the Emerging Author of the Year for her debut novel - The Spiral of Deception. Her short stories have been published in Tint Journal (Spring' 21) and Running Wild Press Anthology (vol 5) among other places.

The Crimson Party

The Second Book in the Aarya Series.


A murder. An invisible killer. A burnt out detective.
It’s a game of brain and brawn, and the killer has made the first move.

As Aarya, the Private Investigator, tries to peel off the layers, she realises this case is more than what meets the eyes. While the police believe they have identified the criminal, Aarya continues to dig deeper. The further down she goes, the web around her and her best friend, Sid, gets tighter, leading them to mortal danger.

Her nemesis will go to any lengths to hide the truth. Will Aarya be ready to pay the price for it?

Will she be able to outwit and overpower her enemies and rip apart the intricately crafted mesh of deceit and treachery?

Read The Crimson Party to find out what happens when you don’t give up on your friends even when everyone else around you does.

crimson party.png

HUES: Shades of Love

"Love has many faces, and Ranjana Joshi paints them with the colors of family and friendship, loss and hope, evoking in every story the uniqueness of the great struggles and gifts in life." – Lisa Schantl, editor-in-chief at Tint Journal.

Love is the biggest motivator in the world, the most powerful of all emotions. The love for a person, for family, money, work. It is what drives us, what gives us a purpose in life.

These poignant stories will make you fall in love, make you laugh and cry. They will make you sympathise, empathise, sometimes love and sometimes even hate. It’s an emotional ride through incidents we have experienced, heard, shared or seen – the stories of the various Shades of Love.

The Tales Next Door

The Tales Next Door is a set of ten power-packed stories. A girl who believes she has committed a murder, a taxi driver in love with his passenger, JD trying to prove a murder in his small town, a strange friendship between an old woman living in a village and a street dog, and more. You wouldn't want to put the book down till it's finished.

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The Spiral of Deception

The 1st book in the Aarya series, with a badass krav-maga and karate expert as its protagonist, the book explores the murky world of deceit and deception where people don't hesitate to kill. Aarya has five days to find her friend, Mira but will she be able to overpower her faceless adversary?

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