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HUES: Shades of Love

"Love has many faces, and Ranjana Joshi paints them with the colors of family and friendship, loss and hope, evoking in every story the uniqueness of the great struggles and gifts in life." – Lisa Schantl, editor-in-chief at Tint Journal.

Love is the biggest motivator in the world, the most powerful of all emotions. The love for a person, for family, money, work. It is what drives us, what gives us a purpose in life.

These poignant stories will make you fall in love, make you laugh and cry. They will make you sympathise, empathise, sometimes love and sometimes even hate. It’s an emotional ride through incidents we have experienced, heard, shared or seen – the stories of the various Shades of Love.


What are readers saying about HUES: Shades of Love

RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐on Amazon

Love comes in different shades!

Sometimes you read a story, and it leaves a mark on you! There are many such stories in this book. The setup of the love stories, the pace, the highs and lows the characters navigate, and the endings are marvelous.

 Mesmerizing captivating book with raw emotions that leave you shaken.

A must read for those who love emotional love stories. Reminds you of Eric Segal . Splendid love stories resonating with our own lives. Recommend this to all new readers .

 Perfect Read

All the stories are relatable and the characters are well developed. Enjoyed reading the book. Perfect cozy weekend read.
Mama’s fairy was the most emotional one.

Flowy can't stop reading till the end

Loved each story covering different aspects of love in a variety of relations. The stories are simple and flowy and you can connect to them easily. Enjoyed every bit. A must read.

The Tales Next Door

The Tales Next Door is a set of ten power-packed stories. A girl who believes she has committed a murder, a taxi driver in love with his passenger, JD trying to prove a murder in his small town, a strange friendship between an old woman living in a village and a street dog, and more. You wouldn't want to put the book down till it's finished.

Final cover_edited_edited_edited.jpg

What are readers saying about The Tales Next Door

RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐on Amazon

A truly epic appetizer of a book

I sat reading on a Sunday afternoon with munchies and the stories went like munchies and I was hungry for more.  Each one genuinely crafted with utmost care, pithy yet lucid. My salute to a Master wordsmith in the making

Excellent Read.. Certainly recommended!👍

Excellent read after a long time! Could not resist to finish one after the other. Purely captivating stories which binds the reader very tactfully.

Strongly recommended

Captivating!really nice stories with surprise endings. Can't out the book down once started. Reminds me of Somerset Maugham. Writer has great potential. will eagerly wait for further editions.

Something new and fresh

I like these touching can't stop reading without reaching the end...would love buying a hard copy also for my bookshelf

Awesome captivating read

Author has done a great job with stories that bring alive fictional characters to keep the readers engrossed and leave them thinking about them, even after the read.

Great collection of short stories!

Superb collection of short stories written in simple language. The stories are set in a common place backdrop and have an 'O Henry'esque twist that makes one want to read all the stories in one sitting. Look forward to more such stories!

Wonderful book!!​

Fantastic book 👍👍. Very engaging read with captivating stories. The use of flowing language and beautiful words brings the imaginary world come alive. The characters are life like.... Definitely recommend this book.

Perfect read for a leisurely weekend!

Fantastic read! Collection of breezy stories perfect to curl up at home over the weekend with a cup of coffee.

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