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Review: I Have a Secret by Cheryl Bradshaw

I Have A Secret is the first book that I read in the Sloane series and also the first book by the author that I read. The book is the 3rd in the series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone read as well. The story was interesting, though the plot was predictable.

The story follows Sloane Monroe, a private detective, as she tries to find the killer of her classmate who was killed in their high school reunion party. The investigation leads her to her hometown after a gap of twenty years. Secrets have been buried deep in the small town, and no one is ready to talk about them. Sloane knows that the key to unravel the happenings of the present lie in the past.

More murders of her classmates take place. She knows they are related. But how? The small town is soaked in secrets that have been buried too long, but Sloane has to dig them all out.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to like Sloane’s character too much. Perhaps it was because this was the first book I picked up and had I read all in the series, I would have liked her better. I liked Giovanni, though he is not necessarily a good guy. He seems to be a mystery, even to Sloane. Given that she is a detective, she seems to know precious little about her boyfriend. Perhaps, the author has something in store in later books about the man. All in all, a decent read, though a proof-read could have made the reading experience better.

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