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Shades of Love

February brings with it the aroma of spring, the blush of pretty flowers on trees, the freshness of new leaves. It is the perfect month to celebrate love with the pleasant weather, blue skies, the gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun, which feels just perfect on the skin. That Valentine’s Day falls in this month makes it even more special, in a dreamy and surreal way.

But, as many of us - the more experienced people in life, who have grown way beyond the throes and agonies of the first love of the younger generation - know, love is not so simple. It goes beyond the attraction between a man and a woman, beyond the passion and the craze you experience in the teenage years. Even though it’s one of the most complex emotions, yet it’s the most basic one. It may seem the most perplexing, the most difficult to fathom, yet it is so simple that even a newborn is capable of experiencing it.

Love has the power to take us to great heights, unseen by humanity so far, and the power to drop us into depths so deep from where it would be impossible to emerge. It has the power to destroy and the power to give life. It drives us to achieve and gain what we desire, motivating and energising us like no other thing can.

Love is a multi-faceted emotion and purely romantic love, which is but only a small fragment of the whole, cannot constrain or define it. The love between friends or siblings, though not characterised by the passion that romantic love entails, is almost as strong. It provides us the comfort and security we need to thrive, making our lives more fulfilling, content and happy. Self-love, which is not given the due importance it deserves, is the foundation of our physical and mental well-being. It gives us confidence, the ability to celebrate ourselves. Only when we love ourselves can we truly love others.

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”—Robert Morely

The love between parents and their children is one of the most powerful forms of emotion there is, transcending all barriers. A mother, be it human or animal, will not stop to think before sacrificing herself if it means saving her child. What emotion can be more powerful than this?

Love makes us vulnerable, but also stronger. The pain, heart-ache, jealousy and fear; the loyalty, trust, respect and endurance; all stem from this core emotion. The various shades of love surround us, make us who we are, give us a purpose in life, drive us to achieve our goals. Love is what makes this life worth living!

Falling in love or out of love. The love of a mother or that of a daughter. The love that was lost or the one that was found. Be it passionate or in affection bound. The adoration, the fondness, the zeal and warmness. The one that we mess or the one we embrace. Love is all around us, in various shades it surrounds us.

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