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The Murderous Gambit

The fourth book in the Aarya series.

In a world of treachery and shadows, Aarya's life takes a dark turn when her newest client, Rakesh Kumar, a prominent figure in real estate, is discovered dead. As suspicion grips the air, it settles squarely on Aarya herself.

Determined to unearth the truth, her investigation takes a sinister twist when a respected doctor meets an untimely demise. The only connection between the two victims is Aarya, the last person to see them alive.

Now, the hunter becomes the hunted. Friends become foes. With danger lurking at every turn, Aarya is pulled into the netherworld of deception, betrayal, and death, flirting with peril at every step. The stakes couldn't be higher.

Who is the puppeteer behind these deadly games? Will Aarya be able to see through the smoke and mirrors, exposing her opponent's murderous gambit? Or will she become another pawn in this deadly puzzle?

Read The Murderous Gambit to find out.

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 Murder in Goa

The third book in the Aarya series.

“He’s dead. They think it’s a heart attack.”


As Aarya enjoys her vacation with her friend Sid at a resort in Goa, the unexpected death of the resort manager raises suspicions in her mind. Almost everyone believes it to be a heart attack, but she can smell foul play. 


The crime seems to be too perfect with the dial of suspicion pointing to multiple people. Which of them is the real culprit?


The killer is determined to eliminate anyone to stay hidden. Will Aarya be able to unravel the mystery and outwit the culprit?


Join Aarya and her friends on a thrilling ride to uncover the truth in "Murder in Goa."

The Crimson Party

The Second Book in the Aarya Series.


A murder. An invisible killer. A burnt out detective.
It’s a game of brain and brawn, and the killer has made the first move.

As Aarya, the Private Investigator, tries to peel off the layers, she realises this case is more than what meets the eyes. While the police believe they have identified the criminal, Aarya continues to dig deeper. The further down she goes, the web around her and her best friend, Sid, gets tighter, leading them to mortal danger.

Her nemesis will go to any lengths to hide the truth. Will Aarya be ready to pay the price for it?

Will she be able to outwit and overpower her enemies and rip apart the intricately crafted mesh of deceit and treachery?

Read The Crimson Party to find out what happens when you don’t give up on your friends even when everyone else around you does.

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The Spiral of Deception

The 1st book in the Aarya series, with a badass krav-maga and karate expert as its protagonist, the book explores the murky world of deceit and deception where people don't hesitate to kill. Aarya has five days to find her friend, Mira but will she be able to overpower her faceless adversary?

What are readers saying about the book

RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐on Amazon

Incredible story! Just go for it!

It impossible for you to actually guess what's in the book, I started with "The Spiral Of Deception". It is hard to put into words the feeling that can be felt when reading a crime thriller fiction book as good as this!!

 A page turner!

Its been quite sometime since I read fiction. Well written piece of fiction. Simply couldn't stop turning the pages once I started.

Interesting thriller

Mysterious and very interesting story. Very intertraining story. I enjoyed the book. Nice story .the language is good everyone can understand.

 Outstanding read!

A well written, edge of the seat thriller. Couldn't put it down till the end. Can make an exciting thriller movie one day! Looking forward for more in the series, hopefully!!

Thrilling and Unique Ride

This book is one of those page-turners that makes you want to stay up all night and just read. There's the right balance of action and suspense and some very endearing characters.

Aarya is the cool, smart woman that you want to be and Sid, her loyal companion, is the perfect foil. Together, they take you on a ride that you won't forget.

Gripping and fast paced

Gritty characters, fast paced plot, twists and turns, a superb ending, this book has it all. Highly recommended!

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